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5 Common Signs That Your Home Has a Drainage Problem

5 Common Signs That Your Home Has a Drainage Problem - Ground Up Foundation Repair

When properly designed and maintained, a house water drainage system will quickly funnel rain and snow to melt away from your property. However, if your home’s drainage system is defective, it could result in significant damage. Therefore, it’s essential to spot the signs of a possible drainage problem as quickly as possible so they can be fixed promptly.

Water Stains in the Basement May Indicate Poor Drainage

If your home suffers from drainage problems, water may not be able to flow to a storm drain or another safe location. Instead, it will flow to the lowest point it can find. In many cases, this will be your home’s foundation. The water stains indicate where moisture has been able to seep into the basement from the outside. A cracked foundation may also signify a bad drainage system that allows water into your home.

Standing Water May Be the Result of Significant Drainage Issues

It’s not uncommon to see standing water after a significant rain event or after a few inches of snow have melted. However, if you see water lingering in your yard for several days or weeks, it may result from a flawed drainage system. Sometimes, your yard isn’t graded to allow water to flow away from your home, causing poor drainage.

Bad Drainage Might Cause a Spike in Your Water Bill

An increase in your water bill may be one of the most obvious signs that there are house drain problems that you’ll want to address quickly. In this scenario, a pipe has likely cracked, allowing water to enter your home even when you aren’t taking a shower or using the dishwasher. Turning off the water to your home may help get your utility bills under control until your drain problem can be fixed. However, getting rid of standing water as quickly as possible is essential, so it can’t freeze or become a haven for mosquitoes or other pests.

A Drainage Problem May Result in Overflowing Gutters

An overflowing gutter may be a clue that a drainage problem exists because it means that water isn’t flowing through the downspout properly. Instead, it simply backs up until it has no place to go but over the gutter. Sometimes, it may be possible to rectify gutter drain issues by simply unclogging them. However, it may also signify more significant drainage issues such as improperly installed downspouts or improper land grading.

A Poor House Water Drainage System Could Be the Source of Foul Odors

If you smell foul odors after it rains, it may be caused by house drain problems. For instance, inadequate drainage in the bathroom or kitchen might prevent the p-trap or similar trap under a sink from thoroughly clearing. Over time, waste will build-up, and the odors it creates will waft back into the air. Drainage problems may also cause moisture to linger in an attic, garage, or basement, resulting in musty odors whenever it rains.

Ground Up Foundation Repair is ready to help whether your home has a minor drain problem or a severely cracked foundation. In addition to foundation repair, we can also take steps to waterproof your basement and repair damaged crawl spaces. Contact us today to schedule an estimate or learn more about how we can help improve the look and feel of your home.