What Causes Cracked Concrete?

Cracked Concrete

Concrete provides support as the footer and foundation, making it the most important part of the home’s structure. If there is any type of problem such as cracked concrete in those areas, the entire home can be damaged. Cracks in concrete are commonly seen in sidewalks and slabs, but there may be serious problems when… [Read More]

How Winter Weather Affects Your Homes Foundation

Foundation Shifting in Winter

When winter arrives, you probably prepare for it by confirming that your furnace is functioning properly. You might even insulate your plumbing pipes to prevent them from freezing, but have you considered your home’s foundation shifting? This area of your home is at risk from winter too because it’s more likely that the foundation will… [Read More]

Which to Choose: Mud-Jacking or Poly-Jacking


One issue that homeowners may face is their concrete foundation shifting or sinking. This can cause various problems with the structural integrity of the home. Sunken slabs can allow cracks to form in the foundation or allow water to seep up from underneath.  Slabs can sink due to a loss of soil underneath them. The… [Read More]

Avoiding a Damp Crawl Space

Damp Crawl Space

Mold can creep into your house silently. You may not know that you even have an issue, until you start to smell it, or you see evidence of it growing inside your home. Typically, when you smell mold, you think that it must be from a roof leak or a leaking pipe somewhere. However, more… [Read More]

Cracked Brick Walls May Mean Foundation Failure

Cracked brick walls, Horizontal Crack

Have You Noticed Cracks In Your Bricks Cracks in brick walls are not normal, nor should they be treated as such. Since these cracks aren’t a normal occurrence they tend to require more repair than some basic masonry work. For the most part, cracked brick walls can be attributed to failing building supports, or perhaps… [Read More]

Avoiding a Potential Flood In Your Basement

Basement flooding causing water damage

Warning signs of water damage in your basement To avoid water damage in your basement, or to prevent it from getting any worse, a few warning signs to look for are water pooling or puddles forming, wet or damp walls, mold, damp insulation, or condensation on pipes. If you, unfortunately, find any of these early… [Read More]

Water in the Crawl Space? Try a Crawl Space Dehumidifier

Water in the Crawl Space? Try a Crawl Space Dehumidifier - Ground Up Foundation Repair offers professional crawl space repair services

Besides being a dark, dank area that you likely avoid at all costs, your crawl space is an important part of your real estate investment. A crawl space creates a barrier between your home’s floor and the ground. It’s the place where builders often house key components such as plumbing systems, electric wiring, and ductwork. … [Read More]

7 Signs You Need a Home Foundation Inspection

Foundation inspection - Ground Up Foundation Repair

Your home’s foundation is what keeps the structure solid and steady. When your foundation starts having problems, you will see the signs of it throughout the house. What signs should you be looking out for and when should you call for a foundation inspection? What Is a Foundation Inspection Anyway? A home foundation inspection starts… [Read More]

Getting Rid of Bugs in the Basement

Getting Rid of Bugs in the Basement - Ground Up Foundation Repair

Bugs Are Attracted To Moisture Bugs and other pests that are attracted to moisture are drawn to your basement or crawl space. The damp, dark conditions create an ideal environment for them to thrive. Most people don’t want bugs in the basement, as they eventually make their way into other parts of the home. Many… [Read More]

Mudjacking in Nashville, TN

Mudjacking in Nashville, TN - Ground Up Foundation Repair

Concrete Leveling The experts at Ground Up Foundation Repair can assist you with any concrete leveling needs you might have. When the ground settles, or voids open beneath concrete, it can settle. This leaves the concrete surface uneven. When this occurs, it is not only unsightly, but it can also be dangerous for people to… [Read More]