Brick & Masonry Problems in Nashville, TN

Brick & Masonry Problems in Nashville, TN - Ground Up Foundation Repair

BRICK & MASONRY PROBLEMS Not only do brick and masonry problems look bad cosmetically, they are often a strong indicator of foundation problems. Foundation issues can cause serious problems if not dealt with early on. In order to avoid severe damage to your Tennessee home, you must be proactive about the early warning signs of foundation… [Read More]

Foundation Crack Repair

Foundation Crack Repair in Tennessee - Ground Up Foundation Repair

FOUNDATION CRACK Repair As structures settle, homeowners will sometimes notice the development of foundation cracks. These can develop slowly over time. Although a crack in the wall can be unsightly, the majority of cracks are not a major cause for concern. Small hairline cracks are normal. This type of crack is usually caused by shrinking concrete. But… [Read More]

NCFI Polyurethane Solutions

Ground Up Foundation Repair uses NCFI products for fixing cracked and uneven concrete.

Ground Up Foundation Repair offers the best technology and methods exceeding industry standards. That is why we utilize polyurethane solutions from NCFI. NCFI leads the industry in the manufacturing of flexible polyurethane foam. They have a longstanding history of commitment to excellent customer service, a tradition shared by Ground Up Foundation Repair. Some of the… [Read More]

Crawl Space Encapsulation in Middle Tennessee

Crawl Space Repair - Ground Up Foundation Repair

Why Encapsulate Your Crawl Space? Did you know that approximately 50% of the air you breathe while in your home originates from the crawl space or basement? These are typically the most neglected parts of the home. Proper maintenance and upkeep of your crawl space are crucial to having a healthy home. Crawl space encapsulation may be required…. [Read More]

Crawl Space Inspection in Middle Tennessee

Vapor Barriers designed for Crawl Space Encapsulation

When inspecting a crawl space, it is important to find the root of the problem. Crawl space foundations are typically constructed by placing piers below the support beams in order to provide support for the structure. Piers may be constructed from wooden posts or concrete blocks. In some cases, the piers are resting on compacted… [Read More]

Water Pooling in the Yard

Ground Up Foundation Repair n fix issues wit water pooling in your yard.

If your surface drainage system does not work properly, it may cause water to pool in your yard. This can lead to a wet basement or crawl space, as well as foundation problems. In addition, pooling water can wreak havoc on your landscaping. If you have noticed that water often pools in your yard, contact… [Read More]

Tennessee Foundation Damage in the Wintertime

Ground Up Foundation Repair can fix damage cause by the harsh winter months in Middle TN.

There is a chance that the dropping temperatures during the coming winter months could have an effect on your home’s foundation. Keeping your foundation healthy is vital to the stability of your home since the foundation holds up the entire structure. The colder temperatures that are common throughout Middle Tennessee during the winter season can… [Read More]

Buying or Selling Homes With Foundation Problems

Fix Foundation Problems with Ground Up Foundation Repair

Homes with structural problems are probably a homeowner’s worst nightmare. If left untreated, it could lower the value of the home. So if you notice signs of foundation issues around your home, you probably need to have an inspection done. Structural warning signs can include: Hard to open/close windows Ceiling cracks Wall cracks Bowed walls… [Read More]

Tennessee Foundation Cracks

Foundation Repair - Ground Up Foundation Repair

As homes settle, homeowners start to notice foundation cracks over time. Though they can be ugly, most cracks are not a major concern. Small hairline cracks are normal and are usually caused by shrinking concrete. But if you are suspicious of a crack, it should be monitored to ensure it is not expanding or widening…. [Read More]

Why Do Nashville, TN Homes Need Basement Waterproofing in the Winter?

Waterproofing services provided by Ground Up Foundation Repair in Nashville, TN.

Winter in Nashville can be treacherous due to ice, high winds, and snow. It can be tough for residents and create harsh conditions for homes and foundations in the Middle Tennessee area. High winds could damage roofs, shingles, and gutters. Cold freezing rain can freeze pipes and increase snow loads. Winter can also cause basement… [Read More]