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Basement Waterproofing In Nashville, TN


If you are a home or business owner and are experiencing issues with water pooling in or around your house, it’s time to take immediate action. Ground Up Foundation Repair offers free inspections and free estimates for our waterproofing services. Our experienced team can assess the condition of your property in order to find the most effective waterproofing system for your needs.

There are several options for how you can go about dealing with water-related issues. Regardless of which solution best suits your needs, it must be comprehensive. It is necessary for the system to provide efficient water drainage that allows water to flow away from the installed waterproofing membrane. Approaching the problem in this way ensures that there are no cracks for water to get in. It will also lead water away from the foundation so that it doesn’t have the chance to pool.

If the soil around your home is wet with trapped water it can create hydrostatic pressure, which puts stress on the foundation. Stress on the foundation can allow water seepage into the tiniest of cracks and holes, flooding parts of your home and weakening the foundation.

True waterproofing is the installation of a waterproof membrane, as well as a drainage board that transfers water to an exterior drain along the footing. As homes are constructed tighter to conserve energy costs, waterproofing becomes even more important. Tight homes encounter problems with mold and mildew growth because the relative humidity increases inside the structure and can’t be released.

If proper basement waterproofing steps are not taken, moisture in the basement can potentially cause structural damage, leading to foundation problems. Foundation problems are a major concern for property owners. Avoid this issue by ensuring that you have a good basement drainage system.

Contact Ground Up Foundation Repair today for both interior and exterior drainage systems in the Nashville and Middle Tennessee area.