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The Benefits of an Encapsulated Crawl Space

Crawl Space Encapsulation

It has been estimated that up to 50 % of the air people breathe in their homes flows up from their house’s crawl space. This means keeping a crawl space as dry and clean as possible is important. Even homes with a vented crawl space can experience issues with moisture. This issue could put your house at risk to experience water damage from mold, pest infestation, decreased energy efficiency, wood rot, and more. When a crawl space holds moisture, it can cause many types of unwanted problems.


To deal with this problem, you may want to consider a basement encapsulation also known as a crawl space encapsulation. This is accomplished by placing a heavy-duty polyethylene barrier to cover the crawl space. This coverage will include foundation walls, floors, and maybe it’s ceiling. It works similar to the lining of a swimming pool to prevent any type of leaking. This barrier is most effective when it covers the entire crawl space. Sealing tape is used to connect barriers pieces in the crawl space. Once your crawl space is sealed, a dehumidifier can be used to regulate its moisture level.

Benefits of Encapsulation

There are certain benefits you will experience once your crawl space is encapsulated:

Eliminates Wood-Destroying Organisms

When a crawl space is encapsulated, it helps prevent mold, bacteria, and pests like termite from destroying the wood under your house. Pest issues and mold can result in serious and costly structural damage to your house.

Air Quality Improvement 

Bacteria, mold, and other things are often found in a vented crawl space. This will have a negative impact on the indoor quality of your home. Once a crawl space is encapsulated, it seals all of those things out and everybody in a home can breathe easier.

Rebates And Tax Incentives

Many local utility companies provide rebates to those who encapsulate their crawl space. It is also possible to qualify for tax incentives from the federal government. There are also state and local governments that provide tax incentives.

Good Selling Feature

Should you decide to sell your house, having an encapsulated crawl space will be an attractive feature for potential buyers. It will enhance the interest in your house and might increase your home’s asking price.

Increased Comfort

Your home will no longer have freezing cold floors during cold months of the year. Encapsulating your crawl space also helps control your home’s humidity level during the hot months of the year.

Increases Lifespan Of DuctWork and HVAC System 

It is common for crawl spaces to be a place where ductwork exists and is part of a home’s HVAC system. Ducts in a vented crawl space don’t last as long when compared to those that are encapsulated.

Chances of Expensive Repairs Decrease

Moisture in crawl spaces can result in wood rot. A crawl space is a bad place to have rotting wood. This is where the supports for your house are located. Moisture in crawl spaces can result in a floor buckling. These are scenarios that may cause expensive repairs to maintain your home’s structural integrity.

The Encapsulation Process

A professional will start the process by assessing your home’s needs and confirming it is a crawl space that is good to encapsulate.

  • Soil under your home will be raked to make it smooth and flat
  • Debris will be removed
  • A new access door will be added for additional ventilation
  • Foam insulation will be put on all block walls
  • A liner will be placed on the floor and walls
  • A humidifier will be installed as well as a drainpipe if necessary
  • All old, damaged or unnecessary insulation will be removed
  • Mold and mildew will be treated as needed
  • Steel wool will be placed around all pipes going into a home. They will then be sprayed with foam insulation
  • New insulation will be installed

Having crawl space encapsulation properly installed is essential to its effectiveness. Accuracy and consistency must be part of it. When you want the benefits of basement encapsulation for your crawl space, contact Ground Up Foundation Repair. Our professionals have the knowledge and experience to do the job correctly at a price that will fit comfortably into your budget.

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