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Crawl Space Cleaning

Crawl Space Cleaning - Ground Up Foundation Repair

A crawl space is an essential space commonly found within the recesses of your home. Crawl spaces have a small entrance located outside your home, near the base. They are dark, cave-like spaces that are damp with a lot of dirt and debris. It’s essential to keep up with crawl space cleaning to avoid problems that can negatively impact your home. 

Why Are Crawl Spaces Important?

It is essential to note that not all homes have crawl spaces. They are commonly found in homes lacking a solid cement foundation or basement. These confined spaces elevate your home from the ground, which helps prevent flooding issues. Additionally, it houses and gives access to essential components such as electrical conduits, ductwork, plumbing, and gas hook-ups. Lastly, crawl spaces play a significant role in air circulation, impacting your home’s air quality and overall insulation.

The Importance of Crawl Space Cleanup

Many homeowners do not accord crawl spaces the care and attention that is required. Poor crawl space maintenance and cleaning practices often result in much bigger problems that are easily avoidable. If pests or rodents are in your crawl space, they will likely end up in your living space and become potentially spread diseases such as hantavirus.

Also, pest infestations can cause wiring and plumbing damage. If the ductwork has mold growing on it, it can compromise your home’s air quality and impact your family’s health. The presence of mold can also significantly affect the structural integrity of your home. Frequent cleaning and maintenance can save you the time and money spent on repair costs.

What Does Crawl Space Cleanup Entail?

Crawl space cleaning is more than just wiping down and disinfecting the area. Cleaning a crawl space is one of the most challenging things to tackle in your home because of the nature of these enclosed spaces. Cleaning crawl spaces require professional expertise to remediate common problems within your crawl space.

The crawl space cleaning process involves:

  • Dirt, debris, and mold removal
  • Pest removal and killing off old insect colonies
  • Installation and maintenance of vapor barriers
  • Removal of standing water or sewage
  • Replacement of old insulation elements
  • Leak detection 

How to Properly Clean Your Crawl Space

If you decide to clean your crawl space yourself, you will need a headlight, respirator, gloves, a disposable crawl suit, and plastic wrap to remove excess debris. Here are some things to avoid when cleaning a crawl space.

Don’t use foam insulation.

Using spray foam to insulate your crawl space is highly discouraged as it easily dampens the place. Foam insulation traps moisture between the foam and the wall to which it is attached, promoting mold growth and wood rot, which can result in structural damage to your home.

Don’t install too many vents.

Installing too many vents is not suitable for your crawl space as it contributes to high humidity levels, which encourage mold to thrive. Additionally, too many vents create loopholes for critters and pests, allowing them to move into your crawl space. Ensure you follow the stipulated standard of one vent to 10 feet and within 3 feet of every corner.

Don’t use fiberglass insulation.

Similar to foam insulation, fiberglass insulation is not recommended for use in moist environments. Fiberglass insulation rapidly absorbs moisture making it an excellent breeding ground for mold. It is advisable to use foam board or polystyrene insulation instead.

Don’t overlook your drainage system.

It’s pretty easy for rain or groundwater to enter your crawlspace. Whenever you have standing water in your crawl space, ensure you drain it out immediately. Consider investing in a good drainage system to simplify your work.

Ground Up Foundation Repair Is Here to Help

Ground Up Foundation Repair serves customers in the greater Nashville area and can provide you with basement and crawl space waterproofing services. We have years of experience and a team of well-trained professionals to offer you the best solutions. Contact us today if you are experiencing crawl space-related problems or for scheduling crawl space maintenance.

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