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Nancy D., Gallatin, TN

Foundation Repair

Please accept my sincere thanks for the excellent job you did on my foundation problems. As a single woman, I never went under the house. During the inspection process required when selling my home, it was discovered that I had a significant foundation problem under the house plus several incidental cracks.

Based on the recommendation of a structural engineer, I had called two other companies besides Ground Up Foundation Repair to receive quotes. Their representative was the most thorough — taking a couple of hours inspecting the foundation, reviewing their solution with the structural engineer, and finalizing a quote. Not only did the repairs include repairing the significant problem, they also included patching the other hairline cracks that did not pose a problem but cosmetically did not look great.

Since Derek was aware of my sense of urgency with my home on the market, he moved up the schedule of repairs. He and his crew spent a few days making everything at 100%; and most importantly provided a 100% transferable lifetime warranty.

After observing the sense of professionalism and thoroughness, I would definitely recommend Ground Up Foundation Repair for any foundation or construction project.

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