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Waterproofing Your TN Home in the Winter

Basement Waterproofing in the Winter - Ground Up Foundation Repair


Why You Need To Waterproof your BASEMENT THE WINTER

Winter in Nashville, TN can be hard on your home. High winds can cause damage to roofs, shingles, and gutters. Cold rain can freeze pipes and increase snow loads.

Melting snow can accumulate around a home’s foundation and cause substantial basement water issues. When water finds its way through cracks in the foundation, it can cause flooded basements and water puddles.

For this reason, it is important to hire a waterproofing expert to inspect your home for signs of water damage.


Common Causes of Water Damage in Nashville, TN Homes

Cold Temperatures

  • Cold weather conditions can damage gutters, roofs, and downspouts. Keep your gutters clean of debris and leaves so that water can efficiently flow away from the home. When the snow melts, clean gutters will prevent water from accumulating around the foundation.

Frozen Pipes

  • Water expands when it freezes and creates pressure on the pipes. This can create cracks in pipes resulting to floods, mold growth and overall structural damage.

Malfunctioning Sump Pump

  • Freezing water can permanently damage the pump.


  • Cracks can be on foundation walls and floors. This allows water to seep through and create flooding in basements.

Window Wells

  • Wells often accumulates snow. If it doesn’t have a water drainage system, it will accumulate water.

Improper Grade

  • Increase the grade of the foundation to allow water to flow away from the foundation, instead of into the basement.


Stop dealing with a wet, damp basements in winter. Get basement waterproofing by Ground Up Foundation Repair. We’ll keep your home dry, preventing mold growth and structural damage.



When snow melts, water can leak into your basement. Surface water collects in the foundation causing hydrostatic pressure against the foundation walls. This results in settlement and cracks in the foundation.

Ground Up Foundation Repair will prepare your home for the cold winter months by installing an adequate water management system for homes in Tennessee.


Our Basement Waterproofing Methods

Interior Waterproofing

  • This type of system uses a perforated drain pipe that is installed at the perimeter of the footing. The slab edge is removed and replaced to install a drain pipe beneath the slab. This helps drains the area to a lower area. The drainage pipe is connected to a sump pump to remove water away from the foundation. Interior waterproofing is a cost-effective waterproofing method that helps keep water out of your basement.

Exterior Waterproofing

  • Exterior waterproofing uses a waterproofing membrane, drainage board, drain pipe, sump basin, sump pump and drain pipe fittings to prevent water from reaching your basement walls. All of these components work together to collect water around the foundation.

Surface Drainage

  • A surface drainage system will prevent water from trapping in and around your home. This system consists of a channel drain, catch basin and grates, atrium grates, drainage piping, drywells, pipe fittings and a pop-up emitter.

Sump Pumps

  • Heavy-duty sump pumps are designed to prevent basement flooding, even during winter. We also offer battery backup sump pumps that will continue to keep your basement dry even during a power outage.

French Drains

  • French drains are designed to lower hydrostatic pressure by providing water a different escape route away from your foundation.


All of our basement waterproofing products are made by Earth Contact Products (ECP). They are the leading manufacturer of products in the foundation repair and basement waterproofing industry.

Safeguard your home before winter with basement waterproofing by Ground Up Foundation Repair. We offer free estimates, so contact us today.

We proudly serve the Nashville, TN and the surrounding areas. Here is a map of our Middle TN Service Area.

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