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Crawl Space Repair in Nashville, TN

Push Pier System to fix crawl space in Nashville, TN.

Crawl Space Repair in Nashville, TN

Crawl spaces can be found throughout homes in the Nashville area. One problem that arises again and again with this type of structure is sagging floors. If your home starts to squeak from sloping or sinking floors, your home may be experiencing crawl space foundation failure.

When this happens, the homeowner is forced to find a solution that will raise the floor back up to its original height and ensure that it is level again. Hire a company that has experience and long term success with crawl space repair.

Ground Up Foundation Repair is the right company to call. We provide quality crawl space encapsulation & waterproofing services in Nashville, Murfreesboro, and the surrounding areas in Middle Tennessee.


When inspecting the situation, you must first find the cause of the problem. When a home is constructed with a crawl space foundation, there are piers placed below the support beams that provide support for the structure.

Piers may be constructed from wooden posts or possibly concrete blocks. Piers may be resting on soil that has been compacted or shallow concrete pads. As time passes these piers tend to move with freezing and thawing or the effects of water flow. As these piers sink or begin to float the floor structure begins to sag and sink.

When it is time to repair a sinking floor situation, it’s important to think through the process and not recreate the same situation in a few years. Some foundation repair contractors will encapsulate the crawl space with a vapor barrier in an attempt to control the moisture. They may add steel posts to lift the structure in a similar fashion as the original construction. These are, at best, just a temporary fix.

Sinking and sagging are sure to occur eventually. Adding posts or the water vapor without a deep foundation support system will slow down the settlement and make things right for awhile, but it will not solve the problem.

To repair a deep foundation support system it is necessary to install a steel push pier system. We have a resistance pier system that is specifically designed for crawl spaces and other areas where access is limited.

Here’s how the resistance pier system works:

  1. A steel pier pipe is driven down into soil that is load bearing, deep below any soil that would be affected by moisture.
  2. Then, the weight of the structure is actually used to drive the pier pipe to a stratum that is load bearing.
  3. It then uses a manifold system where the structure is lifted and locked into place. This provides a secure foundation that is solid.

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We guarantee there will be no more sagging floors or needed repairs. Contact Ground Up Foundation Repair for information about our crawl space waterproofing, crawl space encapsulation, and crawl space repair solutions for Nashville and Murfreesboro.

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