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Ground Up Foundation Repair is an excellent business. The owners are great people and they run a great company. I’ve been able to count on them to do great work over the last ten years. They have done a variety of jobs for my family over the years. Each time the job looks excellent and they do what they say. I highly recommend them.

***Description of Work:
Added 300 feet of curtain drainage with pipe and rock. They also added 400 feet of drainage ditch with riprap. They did the all the excavation and installed the pipes and rock with no problems. The drains and ditch work perfectly. They saved our driveway and our septic system. I feel it was an excellent value for the amount of work they did. Highly recommend.

Free Dom

After beginning full demo on my father-in-law’s home who recently passed away we wanted the home in the best hands for such a special project. Everyone is so friendly, professional and down to earth. In areas where the floors would literally bounce- you can tell it has been completely transformed to a sturdy & safe foundation. They were even able to bump up the start date for the repair. Thank you everyone at Ground Up!!

Jackie Johnson

From start to finish, our service with Ground Up was a pleasure. Cory came out initially to inspect our home for a sloping issue/issues in our crawl space, and he was a very knowledgeable and genuine guy, and didn’t make me feel like I was going to get robbed for their services.

We even had other companies come out & inspect and give us quotes, and no one else compared to Cory’s demeanor & Ground Up’s pricing!

Fast forward to the day of the service, and everyone in the crew was very friendly and seemed to do a great job. An even bigger plus, they took the time to introduce themselves to my dog so he wouldn’t be scared of them (and my dog ended up loving them). I was so relieved when the work was done, that the dip in our floors was virtually gone. We still have a slight slope in the house, but we knew that would be the case & we are still very happy with the result.

Thank you Ground Up for your great customer service and a job well done. Would definitely recommend – and we will definitely use them again if we need any other repairs!

Taylor McTernan

Jamie, Rocky and the crew at Ground Up did great work and in a very timely manner as well. They were happy to answer any and all questions I had about the work being done. They genuinely care about their work and satisfaction of the customer, and had the future well being of our home in mind during the process too. From the girls in the office to the guys under the house, I would recommend this company to anyone! They made this whole process as easy as could be. 10/10!

Evan Wesney

Mark is very detailed oriented and gives honest opinion and suggestions. Would definitely use again.

Grant Stude

We did foundation support, sump pump, and drainage solutions with Ground Up. Their design specialist, Mark, took the most comprehensive approach compared to all other companies we got a quote from and ultimately provided the best solution while focusing on our top priorities! They were able to work us in quickly and give us a fair price for the job. We are so appreciative of their hard work, professionalism, and expertise!!!! We will definitely be using them again for any future foundation needs! Thank you ground up team!

Lauren Carroll

Foundation Repair Inspection

We recently had Jamie come out to check out a possible foundation problem. I’m very impressed with the integrity of Jamie. He represents Ground Up very well. I’ve read reviews of other foundation inspectors at other companies that were scary! Even when I asked other professionals, they’d tell me they had only used one company, but said they didn’t believe them to be honest. I’m spreading the word for Ground Up Foundation Repair! Thank you!

Sarah C.

Foundation Repair

I was very pleased with the prompt and dependable service I received from Ground Up Foundation Repair. They took time to answer all of my questions and provided quality workmanship. I wouldn’t hesitate to call on them for any of my future household repair needs.

Debbie, Murfreesboro, TN

Water Damage Repair, Tiling, French Door

We had some water damage by our back door which caused our floor near the door to rot & start to collapse. It also caused damage to our back doors, door frame & the deck outside of the door. Ground Up Foundation Repair did our repair work & they did an excellent job. The job was done in a timely fashion & I had no out of pocket expenses. Of course, our insurance would only pay to repair the tiles by the back door & not the whole room. Well let me tell you, I wish I could have them do the entire room because the area they did looks so much better than the original flooring. I now have a beautiful back entrance way with french doors (the kind with the blinds built in between the window panes). When I have the money I will hire Ground Up Foundation Repair to do the rest of the floor. In fact, I’ll hire them for any other repairs that may occur. Thanks for a job well done guys!

Brian and Michelle, Murfreesboro, TN

Interior waterproofing, Encapsulation, Basement Renovation

Dear Derek and Jim,

I want to thank each of you for making my home a place I look forward to coming to at the end of each day. After the historic floods in Nashville and the resultant damage to my home, I was not sure I would ever feel that way again. However, after listening to my heart and using your collective wisdom, talents, gifts and abilities, you have restored my safe haven to a condition beyond my expectations.

After being taken advantage of by another contractor, I truly appreciate the honesty and integrity at Ground Up Foundation Repair. I also appreciate the fact that you never made me feel like anyone on the team was trying to take advantage of me. Furthermore, I am grateful that you treated my home with the same type of care you would your own. You each were a pleasure to work with and I am looking forward to having my friends and family experience the quality and expertise of your work. I pray that God would continue to bless and grow your business for many years to come. You are all amazing gentlemen.

Alisa M.

Foundation Repair, Wall Crack Repair, Driveway Repair

Austin Poole and his crew did a great job stabilizing our foundation. They worked diligently for two days in areas very close to most of our utilities without disturbing any services. When they completed the job, we could barely tell where they had worked. The mortar used to repair the wall cracks was a perfect match. Even though the company does not promise a perfect concrete match, the finished product on our aggregate drive was close to perfect. We are very pleased.

Lenora T.

Foundation Repair

This company was OUTSTANDING in repairing my mothers home, which was built in 1955. Jason and his crew were great. I couldn’t be more pleased with their work! It is very hard these days to find a company that is going to do what they say they are going to do. If anyone needs foundation repair, this is the company to call. Thank you so much Jason and crew! I will tell everyone I know about what good work you have done.

Pam C.

Bathroom Remodel

For a number of years my wife and I had talked about how nice it would be to remodel our original master bathroom. Our main reason for wanting to do this was to make our bathroom more user friendly by creating a walk-in tiled shower. We are baby boomers and so with an eye to the future we wanted a shower area that offered attractive accessibility complete with a built in seating area.

We interviewed three contractors who all came with strong references. All three contractors indicated the bathroom would basically need to be gutted and entirely reconfigured to meet our goal of a new walk-in shower which also included removal of a tub that was seldom used. We chose Ground Up Foundation Repair to turn our vision into reality. The Ground Up team took time to help us draw up a workable and affordable plan and then followed the plan ”with some positive tweaking along the way” to a very successful outcome. They bent over backwards to inform us of potential concerns and through the use of digital technology were even able to keep us visually informed of the project while we were out of town while construction was underway.

As the old saying goes the proof is in the pudding. We could not be any happier each morning when we use our new 5-ft by 6-ft walk-in shower, custom two-sink vanity and tiled floor but then we may not be considered impartial observers. What’s really been a treat is to have friends, who have visited our home and looked at our new master bathroom, comment about the quality of the workmanship, especially the extensive tile- work, which was done by the Ground Up crew.

We have some more home remodeling projects on the drawing board and if all goes as planned we will once again start from the ground up with Ground Up Foundation Repair.

Marc and Jean, Nashville, TN

Exterior Waterproofing, Helical Piers, Concrete, Basement Remodel, & Carbon Fiber Straps

Our basement was flooded in the May 2010 Nashville flood. We had to deal with a serious waterproofing issue in the foundation of our house, as well as mildew, drywall rotting, and other flood-inflicted problems.

We called Ground Up Foundation Repair, and they repaired the foundation, waterproofed our house, corrected our drainage system, and repaired our basement. Our house is fully functional now, and our basement is drier than it has ever been.

Working with Jim and Derek was a pleasure. They were patient and explained the procedures ahead of time. They gave us daily updates on their work. They were trustworthy and respectful of us and of our home.

We highly recommend Ground Up Foundation Repair for foundation repair, waterproofing, and any general contracting needs.

Tim and Robin P., Nashville, TN

Foundation Repair

We had major foundation issues on the house we just purchased due to poor drainage. We had a structural engineer come to look at the cracking in our brick and block and he recommended push piers to stabilize the foundation. The engineer recommended a couple of companies to call and of those I ended up hiring Ground Up Foundation Repair.

Derek seemed to be the most knowledgeable and experienced, and was very helpful in explaining the whole process. Their pricing was also better. Derek answered the phone every time I called, was prompt, professional, and did great work. They completed the job in less time than expected and left everything neat and tidy. Overall, they did a great job. Derek even went out of his way to help me get documents needed for our construction loan. I would definitely recommend them. The quality of work and customer service were exceptional.

Katharine S., Franklin, TN

Drainage System

Jim, I just wanted to let you know that you guys did a great job solving our drainage problems. The footing drains are doing exactly what was needed and I am enjoying a dry garage for the first time since we moved in. By the way, the drip edge turned out to be an integral part of the drainage from the patio surface and it has been tested pretty rigorously this season already.

Thanks again for all your diligence and doing the job right.

Terry K., Nashville, TN

Foundation Repair

We bid 5 different companies and though not the lowest price, we felt more comfortable with Ground Up Foundation Repair. We found them to be professional, courteous, and the owner visited us twice during the process. Not only did he review the plan for our lift, he actually reworked it slightly to give us more pier support, still providing the poly fill we needed at no additional cost.

As challenging as having foundation issues can be, Ground Up took the time to explain everything even as the project was progressing. I cannot recommend them highly enough. If you want your foundation stabilized by a professional crew who truly does care then go with Ground Up Foundation Repair. I promise you will not be disappointed.

James B.

Extensive Drainage Work, Master Bathroom Renovation

Once again I am a tremendously pleased to be a Ground Up Foundation Repair customer. I am remiss for not writing earlier to commend Derek and his crew on the extensive drainage work done at our home.

I can’t believe how quickly and efficiently your team worked to complete a job of this magnitude. I was overwhelmed by this daunting project. The scope of knowledge involved in the planning and execution was obvious when compared to the handful of other companies who quoted our job. I appreciated the time you spent each day showing me what you had done and explaining how each step would impact our home.

I wish I had taken a picture of the day when all three entrances to our house were inaccessible and Daniel picked up my daughters and lifted them over the trench so they could get into the house. Your staff was truly a pleasure to work with. It gives me great peace of mind and pleasure to watch the water streaming out of the new drainage pipes, knowing it is not in my basement destroying the foundation!

The satisfaction with the drainage work is what made Ground Up the obvious choice to do our master bathroom renovation. Our new master bathroom is amazing. The work was well done, quick, and thorough. Jim, you, and your men went the extra mile with details that will insure we do not have a repeat of the problems with the old bathroom. The experience and dedication of your team is evident, making everyone involved a pleasure to deal with.

Thank you for guiding me on so many of the difficult decisions that needed to be made. Your expertise and skill are priceless. We are so proud of the beautiful spa-like retreat you created for us! Thankfully it is difficult for me to even remember the old bathroom.

The one thing that noticeably sets Ground Up Foundation Repair apart from other companies I have used and watched is the respect you have for your clients’ homes. Without fail, each and every night I was thrilled to watch the men clean up the job site, both inside and out, putting things back together in and around our home so that our lives were affected as little as possible. Neighbors even commented on how clean you kept our job site.

We have years of projects at our home and are relieved to have found Ground Up Foundation Repair. Your work ethic is like no other company I have seen. It has truly been a pleasure working with you! If I may ever serve as a reference for you, or if you would like to show other customers the work you have done at our home it would be my pleasure.

Teri S.

Foundation Repair

Please accept my sincere thanks for the excellent job you did on my foundation problems. As a single woman, I never went under the house. During the inspection process required when selling my home, it was discovered that I had a significant foundation problem under the house plus several incidental cracks.

Based on the recommendation of a structural engineer, I had called two other companies besides Ground Up Foundation Repair to receive quotes. Their representative was the most thorough — taking a couple of hours inspecting the foundation, reviewing their solution with the structural engineer, and finalizing a quote. Not only did the repairs include repairing the significant problem, they also included patching the other hairline cracks that did not pose a problem but cosmetically did not look great.

Since Derek was aware of my sense of urgency with my home on the market, he moved up the schedule of repairs. He and his crew spent a few days making everything at 100%; and most importantly provided a 100% transferable lifetime warranty.

After observing the sense of professionalism and thoroughness, I would definitely recommend Ground Up Foundation Repair for any foundation or construction project.

Nancy D., Gallatin, TN

Crawl Space Restoration, Drainage, Encapsulation

Ground Up Foundation Repair absolutely saved my family! We just bought our dream home in January 2013. While we are moving in the heat went out. The HVAC repair companies all gave very bad news. The crawl space is too tight to work in (12″ to 16″) and the ducting is faulty. Every time it rained, our crawl space flooded.

I got in touch with Derek at Ground Up. He said he would do what he could to help us. Boy, he did exactly that! He worked with us the whole way through the job. Throughout the entire process, Ground Up was there to help and advise me.

Looking back on all of this I realize now how difficult of a job it was for Ground Up. They had to dig in the mud while protecting the integrity of the peers that held up our home. They had to fix the water intrusion problem. They had to plan for the ducting to be replaced correctly. It was a complicated process that needed to be done right the first time. The conditions were not great out here either. It was either raining or freezing cold and constantly muddy. Nevertheless, they always showed up ready to work. The job required a variety of companies to handle all the problems we had.

My family cannot thank the people at Ground Up enough. We now have the home that we thought we purchased but even better. Because now the crawl space is updated beyond what we thought was possible. It even smells fresh under there!

I would highly recommend Ground Up Foundation Repair if you have work that needs to be done. They are honest, family operated and have integrity. They came in our home and cared about our situation. Thanks to Derek and his team at Ground Up Foundation Repair, my family is free to enjoy our farm.

Leslie L, Gallatin, TN

Deck & Screened Porch Rebuild

The Ground Up Foundation Repair design and construction of our screened porch and deck exceeded our expectations. The structure is solidly built and extremely attractive. They did all that they said that they would do and worked tirelessly to get the job done in a timely manner. The team is a pleasure to work with. They are very professional and personable. We plan on using them for other projects.

Norma & Bruce R., Nashville, TN

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