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A functional landscape makes for the focal point of any property. If you have a sloped yard, you could benefit from retaining walls. Retaining walls prevent your landscape from moving downhill or collapsing. A retaining wall is the perfect solution if your yard needs extra support, has trouble controlling water runoff, or requires maximized space. 

A landscape retaining wall will stabilize the soil and provide extra support if your driveway, patio, or walkout basement is situated on the elevated or sunken ground. Water damage is a primary concern when it comes to a sloping yard. Heavy rainfall poses significant threats if your home sits at the bottom of a hill, especially if water seeps into your foundation. 

Building a retaining wall and installing proper drainage solutions will prevent erosion and severe water damage by slowing the momentum of surplus water after heavy rain. A retaining wall will also turn sloped areas of your yard into flat, even surfaces that are more functional and help maximize your outdoor living space. 

Retaining walls may seem simple, but significant planning and engineering are necessary to ensure that your wall maintains longevity. Our Retaining Wall Services stabilize the sloping ground and prevent your landscape from eroding or crumbling. Enlisting the help of a professional guarantees that your retaining wall is installed correctly and remains structurally secure. Our team of foundation experts will thoroughly assess your property and determine the retaining wall that best meets your home and landscape’s needs.

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Types of Retaining Walls


Gravity is a common retaining wall constructed from concrete, brick, or stone and uses its weight to maintain stability and hold back the soil. 


Cantilevered retaining walls are supported by a foundation slab extending into your wall’s slope. The added support from this retaining wall stabilizes the wall and prevents it from sliding or tipping forward.

Sheet Piling 

Sheet piling can be made of steel, aluminum, or wood planks. This retaining wall is driven directly into the ground and is typically used in yards with limited space.


Anchored walls are the most vital type of retaining walls and provide further stabilization to the other methods by wrapping a cable or anchor around the wall and driving it into the rock or soil behind it.

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Top Reasons You May Need a Retaining Wall:

  • Prevent erosion
  • Retain soil
  • Protect against water damage
  • Maximize space on your property

Maximize your home’s investment by upgrading to a unique and functional outdoor living space. Our Retaining Wall Services provide you with a quality solution that’s practical and adds beauty to your home’s landscape. Our team of foundation experts will thoroughly assess your property and find a landscape retaining wall that best meets your needs and budget. Ground Up Foundation Repair proudly serves Nashville and the surrounding areas of Middle Tennessee.

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