We had major foundation issues...I ended up hiring Ground Up Foundation Repair...Derek seemed to be the most knowledgeable and experienced, and was very helpful in explaining the whole process.

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Yard Drainage Solutions - Ground Up Foundation Repair

Drainage issues are a severe problem for many homeowners. The importance of proper drainage is easy to overlook until you experience landscape damage due to excess water near your home. Flooding can occur without an adequate drainage system and lead to more significant problems if groundwater pools and seeps into your foundation. 

Repairing the damage from excess water can be disruptive and costly. You might have to replace your patio or driveway, tear up expensive landscaping, or repair leaks and foundation damage. Proper yard water drainage is necessary to protect your landscape and control surface runoff near your home. 

Installing a drainage system will save you time and money and prevent serious complications from water damage. Our team of foundation experts will carefully implement a system that diverts and controls surplus water. Our Yard Drainage Solutions protect your home’s investment by ensuring your landscape drainage system is installed properly and runs smoothly.

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A wet basement or standing water in your yard is often the result of poor drainage. The draining process may be compromised if your lawn isn’t adequately sloped. Typically, a 1-2% slope is necessary, but your lawn grading may need to be adjusted if you notice water collecting in low spots in your yard. We have the drainage solutions to ensure your lawn has proper grading to move water from one place to another effectively.


Yard Drainage Maintenance

Ongoing maintenance is necessary once your drainage system has been installed. Leaves and other debris can accumulate over time, causing your drains to get clogged and flood. Breaking up any blockages by snaking your drain pipes and regularly checking for cracks, leaks, or other signs of damage ensures your drainage system runs smoothly.

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Without a Proper Drainage System, You Might Experience:

  • Foundation and structural damage
  • Water stains in your basement
  • Rotting or molding wood
  • Damage to driveways, patios, and walkways
  • Lawn diseases
  • Pest infestations
  • Erosion

We understand how excess groundwater can threaten your home’s investment. We provide yard drainage solutions that prevent severe complications from water damage and protect your home and landscape. Our team of foundation experts will thoroughly assess your property and find a yard water drainage system that best meets your needs and budget. Ground Up Foundation Repair proudly serves Nashville and the surrounding areas of Middle Tennessee.

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We offer exterior drainage systems, interior drainage systems, and crawl space encapsulation to protect your home from unwanted water.