We had major foundation issues...I ended up hiring Ground Up Foundation Repair...Derek seemed to be the most knowledgeable and experienced, and was very helpful in explaining the whole process.

- Katherine S.

Waterproofing services provided by Ground Up Foundation Repair in Nashville, TN.

Ground Up Foundation Repair offers the best waterproofing and encapsulation services in Nashville, TN. Our A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau is a testament to the excellent service that we’ve been providing for the Middle Tennessee area since 2004.

Having water in your basement or crawl space can cause serious problems throughout the entire house – including foundation problems. Not only can these issues affect the structural integrity of your home, they can also lead to serious health problems and costly repairs down the line. It is important to have a leaky basement or crawl space repaired or encapsulated immediately. Our Waterproofing Services can prevent serious water-related issues such as: mold, mildew, foundation failure, or even health issues. Don’t let water in your basement or crawl space cause problems for your family, or cause other damages to your home and possessions.

Contact Ground Up Foundation Repair today for more information about our basement waterproofing and crawl space encapsulation services in Middle Tennessee. Our waterproofing services: include interior drain systems, exterior drain systems, and encapsulation to ensure your home can be free of water damage.

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The waterproofing team at Ground Up Foundation Repair can efficiently handle water issues using effective techniques and up-to-date technology, including sump pump installation and repair. 

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If you notice any of the following issues in your basement or crawlspace, contact a repair professional immediately:

  • Water pooling or flooding
  • Wet or damp walls
  • Wood rot
  • Basement mold and mildew
  • Musty odors
  • Condensation on pipes and ductwork
  • Metal Rust
  • High humidity
  • Wet or damp insulation
  • Water Stains

Any one of these signs is an indication that you are in need of immediate basement or crawl space waterproofing. Before you invest in waterproofing services, it is important to determine the cause of your wet basement or crawlspace. Typically, water issues of this sort are the result of water seepage from walls and foundation cracks. If water pools and builds up around your foundation, it may seep into the basement or crawlspace through foundation cracks, or through porous concrete. Ground water can also enter as it is often pushed through cracks in walls by hydro-static pressure in the soil. Regardless of how the water is entering your basement or crawlspace, it is important to have it taken care of immediately. Contact Ground Up Foundation Repair today to find the cause of your wet basement or crawlspace and provide a solution that is both effective and affordable. Read our blog about the importance of waterproofing your basement in the winter.

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We offer exterior drainage systems, interior drainage systems, and crawl space encapsulation – to protect your home from unwanted water.