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Poly-Jacking & Concrete Leveling in Nashville, TN

Poly-Jacking & Concrete Leveling in Nashville, TN - Ground Up Foundation Repair

Sunken slab foundations can be a major concern for homeowners in the Nashville, Murfreesboro, and the surrounding areas of Middle Tennessee. In many cases, these sinking slabs are the result of voids forming under the concrete. Because the foundation is no longer fully supported from underneath, it starts to settle, sink, and even crack.

Voids can form due to moisture in the soil – too much moisture results in erosion, while too little results in soil shrinkage. These conditions cause soil beneath the concrete to fall away or be washed away, leaving an empty space under the foundation. Poor compaction of the soil when preparing to pour the foundation can also lead to void formation.

No matter what the cause of these gaps beneath your foundation is, Ground Up Foundation Repair can help. We offer a service called poly-jacking to lift the foundation and help it remain stable. Poly-jacking, also known as poly-leveling, is another term for concrete leveling using polyurethane foam. This solution is completed by injecting the polyurethane foam under the foundation. The foam expands as it fills the void. This expansion lifts the foundation while at the same time packing and stabilizing nearby soils.


There are a lot of different reasons to choose poly-leveling services from the experts at Ground Up Foundation Repair. One reason is the high quality of the products that we use. We use only the best products from our experienced supplier, NCFI Polyurethanes.

NCFI Products: Applications and Advantages:

  • 24-003 (hydrophobic/hydro-Insensitive): Good for void filling, resists chemicals, good for applications in which there is moisture under the slab.
  • 24-486: Also resistant to chemicals, ideal for slab lifting, high tensile strength, and compressive strength.
  • 24-010: Good for general applications; comes in regular, slow, and arctic formulas, making it very versatile; resistant to chemicals.
  • 24-019 (hydrophobic/hydro-Insensitive): Good for stabilizing soil and light slab lifting, hydrophobic – good for applications with moisture present under the slab.
  • 24-031: Extremely high tensile and compressive strength, good for heavy-duty concrete lifting and void filling applications.

Our team will complete the poly-jacking process cleanly and efficiently. First, we have to drill a hole in the sinking part of the foundation or slab. Next, the polyurethane foam is pumped into the space. Once the slab has been lifted with the foam injection, we fill the holes and clear the site. The slab is stabilized and ready to be used right away.

For professional poly-jacking to lift the foundation, sidewalk, driveway, or other concrete slabs in your TN home, contact Ground Up Foundation Repair.

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