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Tim and Robin P., Nashville, TN

Exterior Waterproofing, Helical Piers, Concrete, Basement Remodel, & Carbon Fiber Straps

Our basement was flooded in the May 2010 Nashville flood. We had to deal with a serious waterproofing issue in the foundation of our house, as well as mildew, drywall rotting, and other flood-inflicted problems.

We called Ground Up Foundation Repair, and they repaired the foundation, waterproofed our house, corrected our drainage system, and repaired our basement. Our house is fully functional now, and our basement is drier than it has ever been.

Working with Jim and Derek was a pleasure. They were patient and explained the procedures ahead of time. They gave us daily updates on their work. They were trustworthy and respectful of us and of our home.

We highly recommend Ground Up Foundation Repair for foundation repair, waterproofing, and any general contracting needs.

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