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Who To Call When You Have Water in the Basement?

Flooded Basement

Walking down the stairs and seeing a puddle of standing water in your basement is enough to ruin any homeowners day. If this ever happens, it’s important to make a quick decision to dry out your basement. An unattended water leak in your home’s basement or crawl space can lead to wood rot, structural damage, and the growth of mold. It’s important to take the necessary precautions to prevent any more water from coming in and preserve the integrity of your home. 

Focus On Your Safety

A basement full of water is more than just a minor inconvenience, it can be a real safety hazard. If you are planning on getting in the water, wear rubber boots and be cautious of electrical currents that could be running through the water. Also, take note of any exposed electrical wires or outlets that may have gotten wet as they can cause serious injury or worse. Depending on the amount of water, it’s also a wise decision to avoid vacuuming up the water as getting the vacuum wet may cause an electrical shock as well as ruin your vacuum. 

Determine the Cause

It’s not necessary to know what the exact cause of the leak is. However, knowing whether the leak is coming from a busted pipe in the home, or from water infiltrating the walls of your home will help you decide who to call. If the water is from a busted pipe it’s time to call your plumber. If the water is coming through the walls or basement windows it’s time to call your foundation experts at Ground Up Foundation Repair. 

Next Steps

If your basement is only partially flooded it’s time to have it pumped out. Having a wet-dry vacuum will serve as a great tool for getting rid of water in your basement. If you don’t have access to one, calling a plumber or a disaster specialist will get the water out. It’s also wise to run a dehumidifier after removing the water to help guard against mold growth and dry rot. 

Even though your basement may have been flooded, a few items may still be recoverable. Items that are made of paper, fabric, wood, and leather will attract mold if they remain soaked for more than a day or two. Try to dry out as much as you can and discard the rest. Wallpaper and other wall accessories should be removed as soon as possible to help fight against the spread of mold or the deterioration of your home’s walls. 

How To Fix The Problem

If you’ve determined that the leak is due to water infiltrating through basement walls and windows then it’s time to call a foundation expert. At Ground Up Foundation Repair, our team of foundation experts possess the knowledge and resources to repair your water issue as quickly as possible. Our contractors will complete a free inspection to determine the cause of the leak, recommend the best way to stop the problem, and decide on a solution to stop it from happening again. 

Typically, the best way to prevent the infiltration of water into your basement is to have it waterproofed. Waterproofing is the practice of using sealants around the subterranean walls of your home. Having these seals applied to the wall will stop the water from pushing its way into your basement and ruining your walls and property. Additionally, we install a sump pump and drains to ensure that water won’t enter your home again. 

Call The Experts

If you’re experiencing basement or crawl space flooding, call the experts at Ground Up Foundation Repair. Our team will come out to perform a free inspection of your home’s foundation and suggest the best course of action to maintain the structural integrity of your home and foundation. Whether you want to prevent a flood or are currently experiencing one, give us a call to set up your inspection and get your house back to normal.

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