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7 Signs You Need a Home Foundation Inspection

Foundation inspection - Ground Up Foundation Repair

Your home’s foundation is what keeps the structure solid and steady. When your foundation starts having problems, you will see the signs of it throughout the house.

What signs should you be looking out for and when should you call for a foundation inspection?

What Is a Foundation Inspection Anyway?

A home foundation inspection starts with walking around the foundation and looking for problems. The inspector looks for signs of what might be causing problems such as tree roots infiltrating the wall or water runoff problems. In some cases, he may have to dig alongside the foundation to inspect the covered part of the wall.

During the basement inspection, the inspector will look for cracks in the slab or wall. He will sight down the foundation wall, looking for bulges or divots. The inspector will also look for signs the wall is chipping or crumbling, which is a sign of water damage.

The inspector may walk through the rest of the house looking for other indicators like bulging interior walls, door frames out of whack, and floors that slant too much. So, if you are wondering “what is a foundation inspection”, now you know.

7 Signs You Need a Home Foundation Inspection

Here are seven common signs that your foundation may be in trouble. If you see any of these signs, call a foundation inspection service out as soon as possible.

#1 Large Cracks on Your Home’s Exterior

Fine crack lines happen all the time and aren’t usually a problem. However, if you see large cracks forming, and they are in a zigzag pattern, your home’s foundation has problems that need to be addressed quickly. Start by getting a residential foundation inspection done immediately.

#2 Cracks in the Drywall

If you have cracks forming in your home’s drywall, especially in a zigzag pattern, you may have a foundation problem. Other indicators of problems are major cracks along the ceiling and wall seams. They are signs that you need a basement inspection right away.

#3 Abnormally Uneven Floors

Houses settle and it can create uneven floors in some places. So, having an uneven floor isn’t necessarily a sign of foundation issues. However, if the floor has a sunk unexpectedly in one area, or there is more than a 1 to 2-inch gradient to the floor every 15 feet, that’s when to get a foundation inspection.

#4 Door with Cracks Above

With house settling, doors often get out of plumb which makes them more difficult to close or open. However, if a door is severely out of square and has cracks above it, that’s an indication of foundation issues you need to have looked at. Doors and windows are indicators of foundation problems.

#5 Door or Window Frame Pulling Away

If you live in a brick home, you have wooden frames in each door and window opening. When the foundation is having problems, those frames will start to pull away from the brick. It’s a sure sign you need a foundation inspection.

#6 Floors Are Bouncing

As you walk across the floor, it should feel solid under your feet. However, if you have the feeling that you are walking across a trampoline, it’s a sign that you may have problems somewhere in your foundation structure. It might be rotted beams or a damaged foundation. It’s definitely time for a residential foundation inspection.

#7 Nails Are Popping Out

It’s not uncommon for drywall nails to pop out on occasion. That’s usually due to the house settling. However, if you see a widespread problem, it could be an early warning sign of foundation issues. Call a foundation inspection service right away.

Expert Foundation Repair

If you have any of these issues, there’s no question as to when to get a foundation inspection. The answer is now. Call on Ground Up Foundation Repair today. Our team of expert foundation contractors proudly serve our neighbors in Nashville and throughout Middle Tennessee.