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Cracked Wall: What Does It Mean For Your Foundation?

Cracked Wall: What Does It Mean For Your Foundation - Ground Up Foundation Repair

What Causes a Cracked Wall?

A cracked wall diminishes the aesthetic quality of your home. But the indication of more serious structural issues is a far bigger problem. Foundation settlement could be the culprit. Cracked walls can also be an early symptom foundation failure.

As a homeowner, it is advised that have regular home inspections for the interior and exterior parts of your home. This simple action can minimize existing or potential foundation problems. A common cause for a cracked wall is the build-up of hydrostatic pressure. This occurs when the soil beneath the foundation is heavily saturated.

Foundation settling and sinking is another common cause of cracked walls. As the foundation settles, there is diminished support for foundation walls. This makes them more susceptible to cracking. When your property is inspected, pay special attention to cracked walls and these other signs of foundation failure.

What Does a Crack in the Wall Mean for your Foundation?

types of wall cracks

  • Angled or horizontal crack: Bowing wall
  • Angled only: Settlement
  • Vertical and horizontal: Bowing wall or settlement
  • Center converging: Bowing or settlement
  • Horizontal only: Bowing
  • Stair-step cracks: Heave or settlement
  • Vertical only: Settlement or Heave
  • Vertical wider at the top: Side or differential settlement
  • Vertical wider at the bottom: Center settlement

Wall Cracks & Foundation Failure

Cracked walls can indicate larger problems, such as basement water damage and foundation failure. The experts at Ground Up Foundation Repair can stop foundation failure in its tracks. We inspect and fix cracked walls as well as the cause of the problem. Being proactive about addressing cracked walls in your basement or crawl space can save you a substantial amount of money in the long run.

Many basements double as storage spaces for collectibles and valuable family heirlooms. Or as play spaces for children. Keeping your basement dry, safe, and functional should be a top priority. Contact Ground Up Foundation Repair for early intervention at the first sighting of cracked walls.

Fixing Cracks in Walls

The ground beneath your home has a profound impact on the health of your foundation. Following heavy rainfall or melting snow, the soil can become overly saturated and exert excessive hydrostatic pressure. This pressure pushes up on the foundation and causes cracking.

One economical method of fixing a cracked wall is with crack injections. We use epoxy and polyurethane injections manufactured by Earth Contact Products (ECP) to seal cracks and prevent water or pests from permeating the openings.

If your foundation continues to move, these resins will adjust with the foundation as a result of the flexible properties of the filler. In many instances, the filled cracks inherit stronger properties than the original wall due to the exceptional strength and durability of the resin. Crack injections are an attractive option because they can be installed in just a few hours. This eliminates the need for workers to camp out in your home.

Foundation Inspection

We will thoroughly inspect cracked walls in your home and find the best solution for repairs. If we discover that the cracks are a sign of weakening walls, we can offer piering products to restore structural strength and stability. Wall anchors and tiebacks are minimally invasive to install and are long lasting supports for walls weakened by cracks, bowing, or leaning. Contact Ground Up Foundation Repair and we will assist you in determining the best solution for your specific needs!

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