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What To Do When You Notice Sinking Floors

sinking floors

The foundation is a fundamental part of your house. If your house is built on a solid foundation, it will be able to stand for decades without giving you any problems. However, if your house is built on a weak foundation, it may result in a sinking foundation, leading to the floor’s sinking.

How Do You Spot a Sinking Floor?

Primarily, when you start noticing the gradual slanting of your house to one side, then your floor is sinking. However, there are a few other silent indicators of sinking floors that our experts say homeowners don’t notice or ignore them. For instance, when you notice your doors or windows being jammed, you should know that you have sinking foundation problems affecting your floor. 

Foundation cracks in your basement and on the walls of your living room are still indicators of a sinking wall. Moreover, if you notice water puddles collecting around the base of your home, it also indicates that your house is sinking. Therefore, when you notice things going wrong regarding your house, look into it because it could be an indicator of something worse.

What Causes the Living Room Floor to Sag?

Now that you have noticed your sagging floor, you may start wondering what might have caused it. Our experts at Ground Up Foundation Repair, point out the following reasons, as the leading causes of a sinking floor. 

Poor support 

The floor of each of your rooms has long joists, which are supported by a central beam, and the beam is supported by posts underneath. If the underneath posts develop problems such as rots, the beam might not offer sufficient support, making your floor start sagging. Additionally, the underneath posts may be too far apart, hence not supporting the beam, making your floor sink.


Settling in the foundation is a possible cause of your sinking floor. If your living room is at the center of your home and is placed on one side, it might be a cause for a sunk in floor.

Excess load

You may have a more massive load in your home than initially intended for your home design. If you have bought a lot of furniture or something more substantial like a piano or maybe you might have added an extra feature on your cabinet, it will add extra weight, which will make your floor to sink.


When the joists of your floor become old, they weaken and therefore make your floors to sag. Moreover, if they are exposed to high humidity for a long time, they may absorb moisture then rot, which makes them sag.

Sinking Floor Repair

The first step in fixing your sinking floor repair is having it inspected by a professional, from an efficient certified repair company like Ground Up Foundation. Our elite structural engineers will diagnose the foundation problems and tell you precisely what should be done. After the problem diagnosis, our foundation specialist will take over. Our experts use several ways to fix a sinking foundation, and each one of them is efficient for different situations.

High-pressure grouting

This method works by inserting grout into the unstable soil, to improve its composition or raise the structure of your house.

Load-bearing piers

They can be used to raise the foundation of your home while at the same time, stabilizing it. The use of load-bearing piers is exceptionally beneficial in raising your sunk in the floor. This is because they offer a permanent solution to sinking floor problems. Moreover, they are also quite affordable, making them economical to use.

Helical piers 

They are mostly used where other piers cannot be used. They are also beneficial because they also provide a permanent solution to your foundation sinking problems. Also, they are efficient, where a high water table is present.

Atlas resistance piers 

This uses hydraulic pressure to help push piers into the soil. They depend on the weight of your house, to push the piers down. We use this in places where bedrock is shallow.

This is just a facet of the methods we use in fixing your sinking floor. Be sure to contact Ground Up Foundation Repair to enjoy our efficient and professional foundation repair services. We have many years of experience in offering specialized services in foundation repair, concrete leveling, crawl space repair, and concrete leveling.

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