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What To Expect In The Foundation Repair Process

Foundation repair

A foundation is one of the most important parts of your home. It holds together the entire structure for stability. That’s why it is always important to ensure it is built properly during construction. However, your foundation can develop issues after a rainy or dry season or dry season. This leaves you with no choice but to have your foundation fixed.

Unlike other home repairs, foundation repair can come with several repercussions. It needs an experienced contractor who has adequate experience in foundation repair. The type of contractor you hire will determine the quality and duration of your foundation.

Consider factors such as experience and qualifications when looking for a foundation repair company. Besides, you should also try to find out the type of equipment and methods they use when it comes to repairing foundations.

What happens during a foundation repair?

There is a lot that happens during foundation repair. The first step usually involves conducting an inspection to determine the source of the problem. After that, your contractor will decide which foundation repair method to use.

Each repair method has its own merits and demerits. Some repair methods are expensive compared to others because of the kind of work involved. It is upon you and your contractor to decide on the most appropriate technique.

The foundation repair process

There are basically five major steps involves in the foundation repair process. Every step plays a critical role in ensuring that the structural integrity of your house is restored. Here is what to expect from a foundation repair:

Step one: Job prep

The first step involves the contractor preparing the place for repair. This involves getting rid of plants around the foundation as well as disconnecting any underground utilities. This will ensure a smooth process from beginning to end.

It is also at this stage that the contractor determines which foundation repair method is best suited to fix the problem. Ensure that you are around and inquire about the different methods and their advantages. Your contractor will also inform you what to expect from a foundation repair.

Step two: Digging of holes

The next step after the prep job is to start digging holes around the foundation. But if you need interior piers, the contractor will dig holes directly beneath your house as part of the last step. This step might take a little more time than you expect.

This is simply because of the kind of work involved. This step will also involve your contractor peeling back the carpet on top of the foundation as well as breaking out parts of the concrete slab foundation. The main purpose of doing so is to install piers in readiness to fix the foundation.

Step Three: Lifting the foundation

This is the stage where steel or concrete piers are installed. Contractors on the site might require to enter your house if the interior foundation piers are installed at this stage. But there’s is no need to enter your house when installing exterior piers.

The contractors will then slowly lift the structure to the desired level using concrete piers or hydraulic jacks. At this point, your house will be placed above the foundation piers in order to create stability. The contractor can also install steel shims below the foundation.

Step four: Covering holes

After installing all the necessary piers, the contractor embarks on refilling the holes that had been dug with the same soil that was excavated. Considering the fact that soil gets compressed during rain or floods, ensure that the soil around the foundation is pilled higher after the repair process.

Step five: Cleaning the area around the foundation

The last step is cleaning up the areas around the foundation after repair work. This involves removing debris and replanting vegetation initially removed. After all that is done, you can now be satisfied that the foundation repair process is complete.

If your foundation has issues and you are wondering what happens during a foundation repair, then Ground Up Foundation Repair is here to answer all your questions. Call us today for all your foundation repair issues!

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