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What Are Foundation Piers and How Do They Work?

Foundation Piering

Many people don’t know what foundation piers are until they start with their construction projects or begin experiencing foundation issues. To understand its work, you must first know what they are and how they work.

Pier foundation, also known as post foundation, comprises large circular columns that support buildings by transferring large cover loads to the foundation below, which stands several feet above the ground.

How does Post Foundation Work?

Foundation Piering works by driving steel piers or concrete pilings below the building’s foundation to create stability and curb further movement.

First off, contractors push piers into the ground using a hydraulic pump. Post foundation loaded with concrete gets directly installed beneath the wall’s center and uses the foundation as a blockage for pushing the pier towards the ground.

In-order for the pier to be practical, we push it deeper into the ground until it reaches the bedrock or firm level. The strata provide a sturdy establishment needed for supporting the piers, which sequentially back the foundation. There are other foundation stabilization methods, but piering is the strongest of them for settling and sinking buildings.

If you are a homeowner in Nashville and middle Tennessee’s surrounding areas whose house has been sinking or shaking, then worry not. We are a foundation repair company and general contractors in Nashville, TN. We specialize in foundation repair, foundation leveling, waterproofing services, and crawl space repair.

Our company has got you covered as we stabilize your building foundation using the latest types of push piers on the market. 

We employ the best piers systems such as Stabil-Loc for sturdy structures. Our professional team installs the piers directly below your building’s footer so that they can brace the weight of your building. Alternatively, we construct the pier of cornered double walls using interlocking systems that curb collapsing between the parts. Contact us to learn more or get help.

Are Our Piers Strong Enough to Work?

In stabilizing or lifting your building, we use double-wall heat extruded steel piers. We directly position it below the central part of the wall and hydraulically drive it down until it reaches bedrock or firm strata, which give you the most robust and most in-depth base support possible.

We segment the pier’s system into 10-12-inch interlocking segments to direct the pier below the center of the wall’s weight for stabilization or lifting.

Finally, we invert the bracket and ride across the footing bottom to act as a load carriage plate that rotates once we lift the structure. The designation and configuration of the pier mixed with a total load capacity in the construction industry clarity that it cannot fail.

Advantages of Piering Concrete Foundations

Instead of bringing your entire house down, we advise you to use piers to repair its foundation. Here are some benefits it offers you.

  • Zero-yard destruction
  • It is cheaper than replacing the house with a new foundation
  • Piering causes zero disruption or loss to your building. The repair goes on as you carry your regular business in the house
  • Piers solve over one problem at a go; that causes shaking, which might be unstable soil and foundation leveling

How Can you know If Your House Needs Piering?

Some signs show your house is sinking or settling, calling for foundation leveling or foundation stabilization. Some characteristics include foundation cracks, basement wall stair-step cracks, drywall cracks, and misaligned doors or windows.

If you spot one or two signs in your building, take action immediately. Contact us for house consultation to determine if your facility would be a good pick for pier leveling. You can contact us today for a free foundation inspection.

After inspecting your house, we give you recommendations tailored to particular needs.

We have been in business for the longest time, and we serve homeowners based in Nashville and the surrounding areas of Middle Tennessee. Our team boasts professionalism from proper training and years of experience. Give us a call to learn more about how we can help you.

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