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Keeping Water Out Of Your Crawl Space

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It is imperative to keep mold out of your house. Mold can cause severe health issues for some people, and it can make your house smell awful. Left unchecked, mold can ruin your home very quickly. Many people make the misconception that they only have to worry about mold coming from a roof leak or a leaking pipe, but in reality, your crawl space could be a haven for mold and microbial growth. 

Signs of Moisture in Your Crawl Space

If you start to smell mold or mildew, look to see if you have water in your crawl space. If you have a flooded crawl space or one that has moisture in it, the mold could be growing in this location. In addition to mold, this may cause the wood under your home to rot which can compromise your structure and lead to pests like termites being attracted to your home. Open your crawl space door and see if you see any signs of damp ground or wood that is wet. Mold may be growing on the wood and maybe black, white, or a greenish color. Also, look for signs of any wood damage. If you see any damage or moisture, it’s time to address your damp crawl space.

Causes of Moisture Getting Into the Crawl Space

There are several things that will lead to moisture getting into the crawl space, and these include:

  • Flooded Crawl Space: If it rains a lot in your location, this may lead to you having a crawl space that is flooded. This can be caused by severe rain, or if there is no proper drainage, it could be just from a regular rainstorm. If you have a basement or pooling water in your yard, the chances are that you have a flooded crawl space. 
  • Improper Air Circulation: If the ventilation under your home is not done correctly, this can lead to moisture building up in your crawl space. If you live in an area with high humidity, this is especially true. 
  • Leaking pipes: Leaking pipes can cause water to pool up under your crawl space. You may see this happen more often in the winter months where your pipes may be prone to freezing and breaking. 

How to Treat Crawl Space Moisture Issues

If you want to make sure that moisture doesn’t build up in your crawl space, you should have your crawl space encapsulated. This process has your crawl space sealed with a plastic coating that will help to keep the area dry as to prevent mold or decay. You will want to hire a professional to encapsulate your crawl space as it needs to be done by a professional to ensure proper installation. If it is not done properly, moisture will get into the crawl space, causing microbial growth and further damage to your home’s structural support. 

You will also want to make sure that you get your crawl space vented properly, and if you live in an area that is prone to flooding, you may also want to have a sump pump installed. Doing this will help you to avoid moisture getting into your home and creating more costly repairs to your home in the future. 

If you need help keeping water out of your home’s crawl space reach out to Ground Up Foundation Repair. We handle everything from foundation repair to crawl space encapsulation. Call us today to help keep water out of your crawl space. We’ll help keep the air in your home clean and ensure your foundation is still strong.

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