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Drainage System Installation: Nashville Experts

Drainage System Installation: Nashville Experts - Ground Up Foundation Repair

Foundation Drainage in Middle Tennessee

A foundation drainage system instillation means a strong foundation and a dry basement. If your home isn’t waterproofed on the outside, water can easily enter the foundation through small cracks. Ground Up Foundation Repair installs exterior drainage systems in Nashville, Murfreesboro, and the surrounding areas of Middle Tennessee.

With the season changes, the amount of water in the soil that surrounds your home can change with it. Beneath the surface of your home is a water table. This is the point at which you can hit water when digging. The water table changes according to the amount of rainfall within any given season.

In certain parts of the country, the water table can actually rise to within a few feet of the surface during particularly wet times of the year. When water drains it will take the path of least resistance.


An exterior foundation drainage system installation can eliminate worry about water issues in basements in Middle Tennessee.

A drain tile system is a method of transporting groundwater away from the basement. It is important to keep water from collecting near the foundation. Water that is trapped near a house’s structure, or even beneath the structure, is the number one reason foundation repair is necessary.

We exclusively use Earth Contact Products (ECP) for our foundation repairs. Exterior waterproofing systems consist of the following Earth Contact Products:

  • Waterproofing Membrane
  • Dimple Drainage Board
  • 4 Inch Perforated Drain Pipe
  • 4 Inch Drain Pipe Fittings
  • ECP Sump Basin
  • Combination Primary/Back-up Sump Pump
  • Sump pump discharge freeze guard

Nashville & Murfreesboro Exterior Drainage System Installation Experts

To ensure the safety and stability of your home it is important to have a functioning waterproofing system. Ground Up Foundation Repair will make sure you have the necessary waterproofing system to keep your house dry (and free from water damage).

A quality waterproofing system will prevent damage to your foundation, now and in the future. Our number one priority is to ensure our customer satisfaction. We guarantee the job will get done fast and right.

We stand behind the work we do. The expert professionals at Ground Up Foundation Repair proudly serve Nashville, Murfreesboro, and the surrounding areas of Middle Tennessee. Here is a map of our service area.

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