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Surface Drainage Solutions

Ground Up Foundation Repair can stop water from pooling in your yard - Nashville, TN.


Is water pooling in your yard? If so, it can lead to some serious foundation problems.

Surface drainage is a commonly needed service in Middle Tennessee. Fortunately, the experts at Ground Up Foundation Repair know how to handle it.

Managing groundwater around your home is necessary in order to keep your basement or crawl space dry. Neglecting to do so can cause damage to your foundation. Surface Drainage Systems will keep your basement dry and your foundation intact. 

Water in the basement won’t just damage your home’s foundation, it will lead to other problems in the process. It is important to take care of the problem as soon as it is detected.

Crawl spaces, basements, and slab on grade foundations are designed to resist soil and hydrostatic pressures. Soil pressure is the pressure that is forced upon a foundation by the surrounding soil. Hydrostatic pressure is pressure exerted from the weight of water that may surround your foundation.

A drain tile system is a method of transporting groundwater away from the basement. It is important to keep water from collecting near the foundation. Water that is trapped near a house’s structure, or even beneath the structure, is the number one reason foundation repair is necessary

If you’re having issues with Surface Drainage in or around Nashville, Ground Up Foundation Repair can solve your water build-up problems.


Wet basement problems can be prevented by implementing a surface drainage system. If a drainage system is not in place, you may end up with pools of water around your home. This unwanted scenario creates an abundance of hydrostatic pressure, causing the following problems:

Water trapped in or around your home is the number one reason so many homes need foundation repair. Covering up the problem with a cheap repair method may hide the problem visually, but the damage will continue to build up. Your walls will continue to move and eventually collapse.

It is important to deal with this situation with the help of a professional. Ground Up Foundation Repair offers estimates – we will find a surface drainage solution that is right for you. Contact us today!

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