Cracked Wall: What Does It Mean For Your Foundation?

Cracked Wall: What Does It Mean For Your Foundation - Ground Up Foundation Repair

What Causes a Cracked Wall? A cracked wall diminishes the aesthetic quality of your home. But the indication of more serious structural issues is a far bigger problem. Foundation settlement could be the culprit. Cracked walls can also be an early symptom foundation failure. As a homeowner, it is advised that have regular home inspections for… [Read More]

Interior Waterproofing Services in Nashville, TN

Interior Waterproofing Services in Nashville, TN

Basement interior waterproofing is needed anytime a structure is built at or below ground level. Waterproofing and drainage are especially needed in cases where the groundwater is likely to build up in the soil and raise the water table. A higher water table causes hydrostatic pressure to build up beneath the basement floor and against… [Read More]

Nashville Problems: Water in the Basement

Nashville Problems: Water in Your Basement - Ground Up Foundation Repair

With all the strange weather we experienced this winter season, it’s likely that you noticed water in the crawl space or water in the basement. Winter storms and heavy rainfall, combined with hot and cold temperature changes, can cause a lot of problems in your home. If your basement or crawl space has flooded or… [Read More]

Drainage System Installation: Nashville Experts

Drainage System Installation: Nashville Experts - Ground Up Foundation Repair

Foundation Drainage in Middle Tennessee A foundation drainage system instillation means a strong foundation and a dry basement. If your home isn’t waterproofed on the outside, water can easily enter the foundation through small cracks. Ground Up Foundation Repair installs exterior drainage systems in Nashville, Murfreesboro, and the surrounding areas of Middle Tennessee. With the season changes, the… [Read More]

New Construction: Waterproofing Services

New Construction: Waterproofing Services by Ground Up Foundation Repair

In addition to typical basement waterproofing options and crawl space encapsulation services, Ground Up Foundation Repair also specializes in new construction waterproofing. Our team experts work with construction contractors in order to install comprehensive waterproofing systems for new homes and commercial buildings. Our basement and crawl space waterproofing systems include: Interior drainage Exterior drainage Sump pump systems Battery… [Read More]

Foundation Crack Repair: Nashville, TN

Foundation Crack Repair: Nashville, TN

EXPERT CRACK REPAIR IN TENNESSEE Have you noticed cracks in your foundation walls? Some cracks can be harmless. But oftentimes they are an indicator that your home has a foundation problem. Cracks can form when the soil conditions underneath your home are unstable, and cause the foundation to shift and settle into the ground. UNDERSTANDING… [Read More]

Guide to Buying or Selling a Home with Foundation Problems

Guide to Buying or Selling a Home with Foundation Problems

Can I Buy or Sell a Home with Foundation Problems? Homes with foundation problems are a homeowner’s worst nightmare. Untreated structural damage can significantly lower the value of a home. Signs of foundation failure include: hard to open/close windows or doors ceiling cracks wall cracks bowed walls leaning walls water seepage mold growth If you… [Read More]

Foundation Stabilization

Middle TN foundation stabilization experts - Ground Up Foundation Repair.

NASHVILLE AREA Foundation Repair Foundation stabilization ensures a safe living environment for you and your family. Soil-related issues are often at the root of foundation problems. These include poor compaction, overloading, poor waterproofing, excessive organic materials, erosion, or expansive soils (expand and shrink with changes in the moisture content of the soil). Soil-related problems cause great… [Read More]

Surface Drainage Solutions

Ground Up Foundation Repair can stop water from pooling in your yard - Nashville, TN.

SURFACE DRAINAGE SOLUTIONS IN NASHVILLE, TN Is water pooling in your yard? If so, it can lead to some serious foundation problems. Surface drainage is a commonly needed service in Middle Tennessee. Fortunately, the experts at Ground Up Foundation Repair know how to handle it. Managing groundwater around your home is necessary in order to keep your basement or… [Read More]

Damp Crawl Space: [Cause For Concern]

Damp Crawl Space in Tennessee - Ground Up Foundation Repair provides crawl space encapsulation in TN.

Moisture in the CRAWL SPACE The crawl space is one of the most neglected areas of the home. Damp and humid crawl spaces are a huge problem for many Middle Tennessee homeowners. The crawl space helps to support the weight of the entire structure, making it a vital part of the home. In order to keep… [Read More]