Crawl Space Mold & Mildew

Mold and mildew in the crawl space requires crawl space encapsulation. Ground Up Foundation Repair in Middle TN.

CRAWL SPACE MOLD & MILDEW in TN For homeowners with a crawl space foundation, it is very important to make sure that the crawl space is properly maintained. Keeping your crawl space safe, dry, and healthy will lead to an overall healthier home. One of the biggest issues for homeowners with a crawl space is… [Read More]

Brick & Masonry Problems in Nashville, TN

Brick & Masonry Problems in Nashville, TN - Ground Up Foundation Repair

BRICK & MASONRY PROBLEMS Not only do brick and masonry problems look bad cosmetically, they are often a strong indicator of foundation problems. Foundation issues can cause serious problems if not dealt with early on. In order to avoid severe damage to your Tennessee home, you must be proactive about the early warning signs of foundation… [Read More]

7 Signs of Foundation Failure

7 Signs of Foundation Failure - Ground Up Foundation Repair in Murfreesboro, TN

7 Signs of Foundation Failure Are you worried that your property may be experiencing foundation failure? Homeowners and business owners in Nashville, Murfreesboro, and the surrounding areas of Middle Tennessee often ask us how to tell if their building has a foundation problem. Ground Up Foundation Repair is a locally owned and operated team of foundation… [Read More]

Waterproofing Your TN Home in the Winter

Basement Waterproofing in the Winter - Ground Up Foundation Repair

  Why You Need To Waterproof your BASEMENT THE WINTER Winter in Nashville, TN can be hard on your home. High winds can cause damage to roofs, shingles, and gutters. Cold rain can freeze pipes and increase snow loads. Melting snow can accumulate around a home’s foundation and cause substantial basement water issues. When water… [Read More]

Exterior Waterproofing in Nashville & Murfreesboro

Expert Waterproofing services in Middle TN. Ground Up Foundation Repair.

WATERPROOFING IN NASHVILLE, MURFREESBORO & Middle TN Protect your home from water damage by installing an exterior waterproofing system by Ground Up Foundation Repair. The system we use is made by Earth Contact Products (ECP) and is the highest quality waterproofing system made in the industry today. Stopping water from collecting around the foundation is… [Read More]

Winter Proofing Your TN Home

Frozen grass, Winter Proofing Your TN Home - Ground Up Foundation Repair

Cold Weather Foundation Damage Winter in Nashville, Tennessee can be harsh. The wide swing in temperature from summer to winter can have a negative impact on houses – particularly with our humid climate. There is a chance that the dropping temperatures during the coming winter months could have an effect on the foundation of your… [Read More]

Basement Mold and Mildew

Basement mold and mildew can ruin a home. Contact Ground Up Foundation Repair for solutions.

Many homeowners in the greater Nashville, Tennessee area struggle to keep their basements dry and healthy. If you have ever head to deal with a wet basement, then you know how many problems it can cause, and how difficult it can be to control. Wet or damp basements may lead to serious health issues for… [Read More]

Foundation Crack Repair

Foundation Crack Repair in Tennessee - Ground Up Foundation Repair

FOUNDATION CRACK Repair As structures settle, homeowners will sometimes notice the development of foundation cracks. These can develop slowly over time. Although a crack in the wall can be unsightly, the majority of cracks are not a major cause for concern. Small hairline cracks are normal. This type of crack is usually caused by shrinking concrete. But… [Read More]

Bowing and Leaning Walls – Nashville, TN

Leaning walls are a symptom of foundation damage. Contact Ground Up Foundation repair in Nashville, TN.

WHAT IS CAUSING THE WALLS OF MY HOME TO BOW OR LEAN? Middle Tennessee is rampant with red clay soils that are prone to expanding, contracting, and shifting. Because of this, many Tennessee homeowners experience structural problems when their foundation begins to move along with the soil beneath it. While many signs of foundation failure… [Read More]

French Drain System in Nashville

Ground Up Foundation Repair offers the best French Drain services in Nashville, TN.

FRENCH DRAIN SYSTEM What is a French Drain System? French drain systems are a proven solution for removing excess water. A French drain used to be something as simple as a ditch filled with gravel, but they have evolved into more specialized systems with drain tiles that have perforations or holes to allow water to… [Read More]